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People with all types of illness can improve their health with homeopathic treatment

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy does not treat the illness, but the patient as an individual. All symptoms of ill health are expressions of disharmony within the whole person and treatment is therefore always for the patient and not for the disease/named condition. Homeopathy has been practiced for about 200 years. It is a gentle, effective and scientific system of medicine which assists the natural instinct of the body to heal itself. It recognises that all symptoms of ill health are expressions of disharmony within the whole person. It is the individuals inner 'dis ease' which needs to be addressed so that health and vitality can manifest throughtout the whole being - literally from the inside out.

Once the body/mind/spirit is in balance, life improves... you feel happier, aches pains and disease disappear, stress is removed, the mind is clearer and you are able to understand the concept that it is necessary to take responsibility for your self. You can then design the type of life you wish to create... and bring it to fruition.

What can it treat?

"Many people are grateful that the homeopath took away something that was troubling them. Few will ever know that what was prevented from arising in the first place was the greater part of her work." (Ian Watson, The Tao of Homeopathy)

Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine and has the potential to effectively treat any disease, whether acute or long standing. When necessary it can work together with traditional medical treatment, or can be used to alleviate the side effects of orthodox drug therapies.

Homeopathy will not just drive away the symptoms but will help you to deal with the cause of your illness and regain good health. ".... cutting off an apple does not cure an apple tree of growing apples"(Micklem). Homeopaths treat physical, emotional, mental and even spititual illnesses, viewing all these levels as being intimately connected since they are all aspects of the patient's dis ease.

Homeopathy has the potential to improve most conditions both acute and chronic including the following: recurring colds and flu; hayfever and allergies including asthma; skin problems; menstrual and menopausal problems; fertility problems; pregnancy and childbirth; ME and Multiple Sclerosis; IBS, digestive disorders; arthritis; prostate problems; insomnia; depression; fears and phobias; anxiety, panic attacks and stress. My particular area of specialist knowledge and my passion due to personal experience is the support of autistic spectrum conditions including autism, Aspergers, ADHD, ADD, OCD, ODD, Tourettes Syndrome, and also PANS and PANDAS. See the testimonials on this site for more information and feel free to contact me for further discussion.

What is the treatment like?

Homeopathic remedies, this is the name we give our medicines, have only a minute amount of the active ingredient and as such are very gentle and non-addictive. There are over 3000 remedies which come from many different sources, including plants, mineral, metals and some poisons all of which have been used medicinally for generations. A sophisticated process of dilution and succussion is used to develop the healing properties inherent in these substances.

Based on the information you give in the consultation, I will select and provide you with remedies, often in the form of tablets, or you may be given a liquid remedy with instructions. The remedies are prescribed for the individual patient, not merely for his or her disease but for the persons whole state.

After taking the remedies you may notice some changes. Some patients experience a period of exceptional well-being and optimism. Sometimes, your symptoms appear to get worse for a short time. This is a good sign that the remedy is taking effect.

Sometimes a cold, rash or some form of discharge may appear as a "spring cleaning" effect, which means your system is going through a cleaning stage. Similarly, old symptoms can reappear, usually for a short period. These symptoms will pass, and if possible should not be suppressed as they are a very important part of the healing process. I will offer you full support and back up throughout your treatment.

How long does it take to heal?

Many people report improvement after just one session. It is advisable however to budget for at least three sessions. I will advise on your treatment plan and will give a better indication of how many sessions you require, depending on the nature of your complaint. Having resolved your initial issue, you may choose to address others.

Homeopathy cures from the inside and as such it can take time. In the long term it is better for you to be cured of both the cause of your illness and its symptoms, rather than merely relieving or suppressing the symptoms.

A rule of thumb in treatment is that for every year a person has suffered with a condition, it will take that many months to effect a cure. It is important to know that homeopathy also is beneficial as a preventative measure, and can help you to improve your life even if there are no immediate or outstanding health issues.

You can speed up the whole process by implementing other healing methods. The more you do to be healthy the faster the cure. Do the basics such as eat a good diet, exercise regularly, drink enough water, get enough rest, and yes, homeopathy works really fast. You will make progress quickly. You may still suffer setbacks but now you will have the tools to get back on tract. You will be able to see your triggers coming and step out of the way. You will learn how to be healthy. You will learn which remedies help you the fastest. You will be empowered and in control. And once you learn how to heal yourself, you will do it for the rest of your life.

When treatment first begins I am likely to need to see you for follow up appointments every 4-6 weeks. On average you should expect to commit to three appointments. A first appointment typically lasts up to one and a half hours, and subsequent ones for up to forty minutes, often less for babies and children.

A typical session - what will the homeopath need to know?

Homeopathy recognises that it is the patient who needs treatment not the disease, so to find the right remedy the homeopath needs to know all about you. A detailed understanding of who you are, along with any complaints and how you experience them, is needed to assess your case correctly. So anything you can say that is typical of who you are and how you experience the world will help the process. Finding out about your general energy level, your past medical history and the way you live are also important. I will need to know about any medicine that has been prescribed for you and by your doctor, or that you take regularly.

At the follow up appointment I will check through the points that were discussed at the initial consultation. This process helps me to monitor all the symptoms and to make an assessment as to your progress. At this stage I will either wait, issue a repeat prescrition or may change the prescription. This appointment is extremely important as each patient's response to any remedy is completely unique to them and indicates how future treatment will progress with regard to remedies,dosage and repetition.

I am a member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (ARH) and as such I have signed their code of ethics and anything you say will be treated in the strictest confidence. To visit the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths website just click here to go straight to it. I am also registered with the Register of Homeopaths (RHom).

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